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The Steam Sections

Steam and Working Area: Peter Brown

Considered by many visitors to be the heart of the show, is the magnificent steam section featuring more than 70 full-size steam engines, steamrollers and showmans’ engines. You can watch these glorious machines being put through their paces in the ‘Demonstration Arena’ and have the opportunity to get behind the wheel at one of the ‘invitational steering’ sessions. The large Steam Timber area features periodic displays of winching and rolling, wood sawing, timber loading and threshing duties.

Miniature Steam Section: Colin Meredith

These remarkable machines are not just models, they are actually scale size replicas of the real thing.  They are built in a range of scale sizes.  The machines you will see here range from 6 inches to the foot (half full size) right down to 3 inch and 2 inch versions.  They can be based on an existing full size engine or scratch built to represent a long remembered but sadly scrapped engine. When you walk around the displays you will notice that the wide variety of steam traction that once could be seen on the highways & byways of yesteryear are represented, everything from magnificent showmans engines to road locomotives, steam rollers and steam lorries. Don’t miss the grand parade of miniature steam in the Alec Tanner arena or  take a ride behind the 10 inch scale steam locomotive situated near the Diabetes UK tent?!

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