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Stationary Engines Section

Stationary Engines Section: Liam Hardwick

Whilst not at the most glamorous end of the engineering spectrum, the humble stationary engine’s versatility kept the nation’s economy rolling, powering everything from Milking Parlours to driving Concrete Mixers.  It could be found pumping water, generating electricity, grinding corn, crushing stone, splitting logs – the list is endless.

Before the Japanese invasion, engines and associated products from such illustrious British firms (now sadly closed) as R A Lister of Dursley (not many miles from the show site), Petter, Ruston Hornsby, Bamford, Villiers, JAP, and Wolseley could be found chugging away in all four corners of the globe.

In addition, you will also find on display products from “across the pond” such as Fairbanks Morse, International and Amanco.

Come and see these fascinating machines at work!

If you have an enquiry for the Stationary Engines section please fill in the contact form below.

Sadly Tony Giblin, the section leader, has passed away after a long illness.  He has been replaced by Liam Hardwick. The email address remains the same.

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