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Vintage Caravans Section

Vintage Caravans Section: Rob Carthew

Caravans form part of our social history. They were originally used by travellers and entertainers before the war. It’s fascinating to see how they have evolved into modern caravans, which provide an affordable holiday for many people. Thanks to the rise in ‘staycations’ people have a renewed interest in caravan holidays, it seems that retro caravans are fashionable and popular once again. Whether you love ’em or hate ’em you have to admit its intriguing to look inside and see how other people spend their holiday time’!.

Our previous extravaganzas have showcased up to fifty vintage caravans dating from the 1920’s, to the 70’s plus homemade units and of very varied manufacturers that no longer exist. You will be amazed by the high standard of restoration that has shaped these vintage classics. Forget all mod cons, the owners of these exhibits prefer caravans as they were in the early days!

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