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Privacy Policy

What Is ‘Personal Information’?

‘Personal information’ is data which relates to a living individual who can be identified from that data. For SVTEC and its activities, including the Gloucestershire Vintage & Country Extravaganza, that includes:

* Names
* Postal addresses
* Email addresses
* Telephone numbers
* Other relevant information such as that relating to exhibits.

We comply with all relevant Data Protection laws.

That means we have formal procedures that describe what we can do with data and how we do it.

When information is provided to us, the provider must give us permission to store and use it.

This is the main reason for the ‘check box’ on online forms and signature line on various forms we use including on the website. Unless you explicitly consent to use of your data on a completed form, electronic or paper, we cannot store or use the data on that form.

We don’t store any information we don’t need to.

We NEVER store (or have requested) information received from 3rd-parties; especially that related to personal financial, religious, political, ethnicity or health.

We don’t provide personal information to 3rd-parties without the express permission of the data provider.

We have NEVER done this, but if it were necessary, you will ALWAYS be asked BEFORE we do it.

Where information is published (e.g. in a show programme) we carefully format it.

No specific address or contact details are included.

What Are Your Rights?

Anyone who is the subject of data held by SVT&EC is legally entitled to …

* Ask us what information SVT&EC holds about them and why.

* Ask us how to gain access to it.

* Be informed how to keep it up to date.

* Be informed how SVT&EC is meeting its data protection obligations.

To Summarise

No data protection system is totally ‘foolproof’, but we take appropriate steps to ensure that any information you provide to us cannot be used inappropriately.